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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Don't cry for me, Argentina

Yep, I'm in Argentina - Buenos Aires, to be precise.

Here's a cool fact - Argentina is something like the third-largest beef-producing country in the world. Which means beef (and associated products) are cheap. You can get a good steak dinner for the equivalent of a few bucks US$. "Associated products" means leather - they have to do something with the outside of the cow once they've eaten the inside, right? Anyway, I got a black leather trenchcoat for 700 pesos (less than $250 US) here, which is damn good considering how much leather it takes to make me a trench coat (I'm a big guy). Leather also includes some of the more interesting products of the leathercrafter's trade, such as shackles, ballgags, and whips. Hehehe. Enough said.