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Monday, January 30, 2006

Still here...

Still in Singapore, too. Found out my flight out of here, coupled with my flight to Argentina, gives me about 3 hours in Toronto total. Given that it takes half an hour to reach my house from the airport (assuming no traffic), and that I need to be in the airport a couple of hours before departure, I won't be getting home between these two audits, which sucks.

On the other hand, I'm going to Argentina, and I've just had 4 weeks in Singapore (well, 3 in Singapore, 1 in Hong Kong), so maybe I should just shut up about how much my life stinks, eh?

Anyway, Singapore is pretty cool - if you like shopping, it's basically heaven. I picked up a pair of black Converse hi-top sneakers here for $50 Singapore, or about $35 CDN (compare with about $85 CDN back home). And yes, I'm sure they're really Converse - I bought them at the Converse store where I was all but ignored by staff wearing Converse shirts. There's other deals to be had here - if you can afford the airfare and the hotel. Of course, you could probably save a lot more by not paying the airfare or hotel and just shopping at home, but what fun would that be?