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Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm still here (mostly)

Yep, I'm still here. Had a few adventures in the last four months, somehow never seem to remember to come here and yap. Lots to yap about, though.

I was in London, England, last month. I missed the first set of bombings by two days, but I was in town for the second set. The Londoners really handled themselves well in that one - I know others have said it before, and better than I, but it's true. My hotel was right across from Edgware Road station (one of the stations closed by the first set of bombings), and I had a pretty good view of the memorial that sprang up as passers-by left flowers, etc. If you ask me, I feel sorry for the terrorists - there's nothing quite like a riled Briton. The Americans may think they know vengeance, but they could take notes from these people.

Before that, I was in CFG Gagetown, attending the first part of the next step in my military training - modules one and two of the "Common Army Phase" officer training course. It's a pretty tough course (and I left before it got really tough, from all accounts), but it also helped me remember why the heck I signed up for that stuff. I arrived there all ready to resign my commission and quit, and left there with a renewed sense of purpose. I just hope I can nurse that sense until next summer when I go back for the rest of the course.

Ok, more later - technically I'm doing work right now.