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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nature vs Nurture

First things first - a moment of silence, please, for the thousands of dead and injured from the tsunami in South-East Asia on Boxing Day (December 26th for the Americans).

Second thing - the first person I hear saying that this was some sort of retribution from the planet for the way we've been mistreating it will be beaten to death by me. Earthquakes are a purely natural phenomenon, rooted deep in the way this planet works. They have nothing to do with pollution, global warming, or the Gaia hypothesis. Enough said.

Over Christmas, I found out that my nephew has been diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), the same thing I was diagnosed with a couple of years ago. They have him on Concerta, and I don't think it's working - he's got viscious mood swings but it doesn't seem to actually help him listen or concentrate.

Something sort of worries me about this... As I said, I have ADD, and I've had it (of course) for as long as I can remember. Despite this (or maybe because of it), I've been reasonably successful in life. Most people who know me would agree that I am reasonably intelligent and creative, and I tend to look at problems in a "different" way, leading to solutions that others might not see. So why am I worried? Well, I'm worried that my mom will look at me (the ADD poster kid), and my nephew (the next-generation ADD poster kid), and assume he will turn out like me. While some people with ADD do very well, others end up in jail or worse. This kid's going to need a lot of help to end up in the first group.