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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


So I rented a car this past weekend. Overall, the experience wasn't too bad - at least the rental company didn't decide to withhold the car after I travelled halfway across the city to get to them this time, but that's another story.

Anyway, while driving to my parents' place on Sunday for the annual angst-fest that is Thanksgiving, we were passed on the road by a bright yellow Dodge Viper, which appears to be GM's answer to the penis extension.

The real question, though, is why was it yellow? It wasn't even gold, or champagne. It was a bright yellow, the same shade I used to paint safety railings when I worked as a summer student in a factory and they gave me all the crap jobs. The sort of shade of yellow that makes me reach for the welding goggles so I can have a closer look. This car was yellow.

I've been seeing a lot more yellow vehicles on the road lately, which makes me wonder if "yellow is the new black" or something stupid like that. (I always thought black was the new black, being black and all...) A lot of these seem to be Sport-Utility Vehicles, often either the Nissan Xterra or the Hummer H2. Now, I like both of those vehicles. They do have their place in the pantheon of cars, although that place probably isn't Suburbia. However, I have to wonder why someone would get their car in "spot the wreckage from the air" yellow, when they will likely never even take the thing off of pavement, much less into any situation where having search-and-rescue teams look for you will be an option.

So I'm left with the other option, which is that people with bright yellow cars want others to look at them. "Look at me, I'm driving an expensive car." How crass. It used to be that, if you had a red car, the insurance company would charge you more, because red cars got into more accidents - they tended to be more aggressive and self-centred. I have to wonder if the same is now true of yellow (or soon will be).

My wife keeps saying that, when we get a car of our own, we should paint it lime green. I keep telling her that if she's paying for it, she can paint it whatever colour she wants. Of course, first she has to get her license...