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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Where have I been?

Meh. Haven't updated in more than a week. Partly due to the rather political nature of my last post, partly due to extreme amounts of "stuff" in my life, and partly good old inertia.

With regards to my last post - I'm going to leave it up. I'm not going to edit it in any way. But I'm going to add a huge caveat - I don't know all of it, and some of what I've heard may be wrong. So, I don't have the whole truth. But neither does anyone else. My original point still stands - the correctness of the war doesn't matter as much as supporting the troops and making sure they understand that the people "back home" don't think ill of them. After Vietnam, a lot of vets were basically alienated from society because some rather vocal segments of that society called them "baby killers" and worse. That shouldn't be allowed to happen again. The military is an extension of government policy, and the government was elected by the people, so the military is indirectly acting on behalf of the people.

Enough of that.

So, my new job is official, and as of November 1st I'll be travelling the world. Heh, a world tour. Some people who know me are almost certainly quaking in fear at this point.