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Thursday, September 23, 2004


I have no idea why I used that as the title. I just did.

My wife and I went to the Humane Society last night. We were actually looking to buy food for our rabbits (walking furry stomachs is what they are!), but the pet food store co-located with the HS apparently closes at 6:30 now instead of 8:00pm "for the foreseeable future" - whatever that means. So, instead, we went looking at the animals. In retrospect, that was probably a huge mistake. There are a whole lot of very cute animals available there (as usual). We mainly looked at the rabbits and the cats (due to a slight mouse infestation we've been discussing getting a cat), but also the dogs, birds, etc.

For some reason, they have a whole bunch of degus there. Degus are these brown desert rats which were the "in" pet for about 30 seconds a couple of years ago. You still see them in the pet store, but from the looks of things you can get them a whole lot cheaper from the Humane Society.

Anyway, we managed to get out of there without adopting anything, but there's several rabbits and cats there who would have been quite happy to come home with us, I'm sure. The only problem is our existing pets. We already have two rabbits (one fixed male and one soon-to-be-fixed female), a hedgehog, and a hamster. The hedgehog wouldn't really care either way - she's surly and has a good self-defense mechanism. ("The fox knows many tricks; the hedgehog has one good one" - Archilochus, 650 BC?) But the rabbits would object to a new rabbit (particularly the female - she's got some attitude), and the only time we mentioned getting a cat in the hamster's presence he gave this really cute all-over body convulsion as if to say, "Cat? Eww!" On the one hand, it's not really a democracy, and the animals don't get a vote. On the other hand, lagomorph-induced domestic chaos is not really my goal in life. (Free biology lesson - rabbits are lagomorphs, not rodents.)

The larger issue here, of course, is that of unwanted animals. So, to quote Bob Barker, "Spay or neuter your pets!" to prevent an "Oops!" from happening. If you have a male pet, get it fixed - it is half of the equation, after all. Even if your pet "never goes outside", please get it fixed. For one thing, animals can escape from the house, and it only takes a few seconds ("Moment of pleasure, lifetime of regret"). Secondly, I don't know about other animals, but rabbits are healthier if they're fixed. One of our rabbits died a while back of post-surgical complications after a hysterectomy for uterine cancer. The vet told us that uterine cancer was quite common in female rabbits, and they should be fixed as a precautionary measure while young. If the previous owner of Lucky Bunny had done that, she'd probably still be with us today. (She was found in a park and given to us by a "friend of a friend".)

Now, if only people would do something about their kids....