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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Post the second

A bit more about me... First off, ADD doesn't define who I am - sorry if I gave that impression in the first post. I have a lot more here than a mis-wired brain. On the other hand, if it helps explain why my writing is sometimes wildly meandering and more than a little "off the beaten path", then you can use it.

What am I going to use this blog for? That's a good question, and it's one I don't fully know the answer to myself yet. I found out recently that I'm changing jobs within the company I work for. This means I'm going to be doing a whole lot more travelling in the next couple of years. Thus, I may use this space to post observations as I travel the world. Or maybe not.

I heard once that the truly brilliant people are those who think they aren't all that smart. They don't believe that the rest of the people around them can't see how obvious the answer is. They are the exact opposite of egotistical - they really don't think they're smart. I wonder if the same is true of bloggers - that those who don't believe they have anything really important to say are the ones we should listen to. Of course, they probably wouldn't start a blog anyway, since it's an act of pure ego.

Speaking of egos (and small ones at that) I will not allow comments on my posting, at least for the first while. Let me feel my way here before you all tell me how much I suck and how badly I need to "get a life".

Anyway, that's enough "me" for one day. More tomorrow, assuming I remember.